Roof Ridging

Waterproofing of cement roof ridging on the apex of the roof (replacing any loose cement if necessary) using 3 coats of waterproofing sealant, colour to match the roof colour as close as possible.

Corrugated and IBR Roofing

Sealing of all the joints, valleys, sidewall and headwall flashings, roof screws on all types of corr/Ibr steel roof’s using acrylic waterproofing with a backing membrane and painting the waterproofed area as close as possible to the original colour.


Roof Rescue Repair came out to quote me in Dec 2014 on an area of my roof that was under tremendous strain and leaking buckets into my house. I had requested quotes from other suppliers and found that Clint was very professional and knowledgeable about the problem at hand. He made the effort to view all potential leaks and weaknesses of what was effectively a flat roof challenge. Recommendation was the best alternative I received and competitive quotation. Service and execution was professional and excellent. Great to have Clint constantly in contact during the project, and also on site during the whole process.

Inacio Dos Santos (MBJHB Exec)